Joining the library

The National Public Library offers free membership to anyone of any age.

In order to become a member of the library a registration form must be completed and returned to the library with some form of picture identification and proof of address.

When applying for a child, a parent or guardian must be present and provide the required documents.


Acceptable Documents for Registration


Proof of your current address, such as, an electricity bill, telephone bill, or cable bill which you received in the mail within the last month.

Acceptable forms of identification are:

  • Passport
  • Driver's permit
  • Government issued ID card

If you do not possess any of these, you are expected to bring a form of identification from your reference. Your reference will be required to sign.


Reference means: A responsible person who knows you well.

For more information, view our Registration Policy. 


Pre-registration Forms

Pre-register online using the appropriate form below. In order to complete registration please visit the library with the required documents.

Your photo will also be taken at this time.



Registration Forms

The National Public Library offers free membership for anyone at any age. The registration form for a Kingstown library card is very simple and easy to complete. You can access the forms below by selecting the options below

Juvenile Registration Card

Juvenile: Parent must fill in a registration form (provided by the Library) Parents or guardians are kindly asked to come to the Library when registering their children for membership. Please bring along some form of identification bearing your picture.

Adult Registration Card

Get your membership card today.