National Documentation Services

Reference Services
Assists with conducting research, locating documents, finding articles, use of catalogue and electronic databases. Provides bibliographies, online links or actual documents. Requests for information may be either telephone, email, social media or by person.

Question – Answers
Provides prompt and efficient responses to short answer requests via telephone, email, social media or site visit.

Internet Research
Facilitates online research through the Internet, online databases, social media platforms and other electronic sources.

Computer Use
Offers access to computer systems for access to online databases, online links and indexes.

Provides a comprehensive listing of items from catalogues/database designed to match your query and allow the selection of items that will satisfy your needs.

Selective Dissemination of Information
Allows users’ research need to be determined via a yearly questionnaire to gather information regarding specific areas of interest. Once registered, alerts would be sent to users whenever current information relevant to their need is received.

Provides information to facilitate further research on your query or directs to other service providers or organisations who can best meet your needs.

Reading Room Facilities
Provides a quiet atmosphere within the Centre that permits our users to work in comfort.

Setting up of Special Libraries
Provides advisory services to Government ministries and agencies in the setting up and running of a special library.