National Archives Services


Access to the National Archives’ collection is available to all members of the public through our reference service. Researchers may consult records in the Search Room in accordance with Search Room guidelines.  


The National Archives engages with individuals through thematic exhibitions, talks, and tours to highlight the institution and its records, and encourage dialogue on various aspects of our history and documentary heritage.

Records Management

The National Archives provides advisory services to Government ministries and agencies on the management of records.

Reprographic Services

The National Archives offers photocopying, printing and scanning services to the general public. You can call the National Archives at (784) 456-1689 for prices and more information.

Question – Answers

Provides prompt and efficient responses to short answer requests via telephone, email, social media or site visit.


Provides a comprehensive listing of items from catalogues/database designed to match your query and allow the selection of items that will satisfy your needs.


Provides information to facilitate further research on your query or directs to other service providers or organisations who can best meet your needs.

Search Room Facilities

Provides a quiet atmosphere within the National Archives that permits our users to conduct private study.