National Archive's History

The National Archives was opened on December 5, 1990 to further fill the information need in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The National Archives is set up to promote our national heritage by collecting, preserving and disseminating information which bears on our historical, social and economic development. In June 2008, the National Archives was relocated from Frenches to its present location at Richmond Hill.

The National Archives cover our history mainly from the 18th century. Some Archival holdings include the Pat Prescod Collection; the Sir Rupert John Collection; Government Gazettes and Blue Books from 1868 and Statistical Reports on the operational of Colonial Agencies from 1890 – 1965. In partnership with the National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago, the National Archives was able to get two invaluable records restored these include the Indian Indentured Labourers Register and Register of Free African Immigrants.